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Book launched!


The cookies were eaten, the speech was said, the books were sold. I was completely suprised to  enjoy the official launch of Yesterday’s Dead as much as I did, but it was fantastic to celebrate Yesterday’s Dead with my family as well as friends, neighbours and colleagues from many of my pasts. II didn’t spend enough time with anyone, and the evening was a blur, but it was wonderful to receive so many good wishes on the publication of this first novel.

Peter Carver and me at TYPE Books, Toronto.

Here’s my favourite photo from the the evening. It’s me with Peter Carver, long time teacher of the Writing for Children classes offered through George Brown College, who started me off on this path. What I think is remarkable, though, is the community of writers that Peter created. I’m privileged to have been one of that group.


Final cover for Yesterday’s Dead


I’m excited to unveil the final cover for Yesterday’s Dead.

Melissa, the designer, brought her skills to the task of translating words into images. This lovely cover sets me to wondering …

Who is that girl?

What’s in her suitcase?

Where will the train take her?

 What will she finds when she gets there?


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