Logo from JackieThrough my company Write to the Point, I provide strategic business writing and editing services to clients in the private, government-funded and not-for-profit sectors.

My clients include postsecondary institutions, industry associations, public-sector organizations, corporations and small-to-medium-sized enterprises from a wide range of industries including education, health care, insurance, accounting, construction trades, communications and venture capital.

I specialize in strategic writing that’s meant to persuade someone to do something, including funding proposals, national and provincial award nominations, position papers, and marketing- and web-oriented communication.

As an editor, I often work on large projects that address complex subject matter or feature multiple authors. I work on adding structure and clarity so the right message with the right tone reaches the right audience with the right tone.

My background as a strategy consultant, actuarial analyst and mathematics teacher probably explains why I see writing as problem-solving, only with variables far beyond x and y. And with as few tangents as possible.

I would be delighted to discuss your writing and editing needs.