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When I was a math teacher, I spent a lot of time on equations: writing them, solving them, using them to test my students’ math skills. Knowing how to solve equations is one of the most useful, and comforting, skills we can gain from studying mathematics. As a writer, I still find equations useful and […]




Come to the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival on Sunday September 16


I’ll be reading from Yesterday’s Dead and talking a bit about the process of writing historical fiction for young audiences on Sunday September 16, 2012 at the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival in picturesque Eden Mills, Ontario.

Authors of adult, young adult and children’s books will be reading all day at various locations in the village, and emerging authors will be reading from their work in various time slots – there’s no way you can escape hearing someone reading something! The Bookshelf, aterrific book store from Guelph, will have books for sale at the festival site from all of the authors appearing this weekend. The day is capped off by a dinner for the volunteers and authors in the community hall, complete with home baked pies.

A wonderful opportunity for me to meet readers and (hopefully) inspire future readers, while being inspired myself by the terrific line-up of authors who will be appearing that day.


The perils of technology


Part of this new world of authorship is learning to maximize the benefits of technology, while simultaneously trying to learn how the technology actually works. Blogging, for me, has presented a huge learning curve, but thanks to expert coaching by author Karen Krossing ( I think I’m getting the hang of it.

Which all goes to say that I’m sorry recent visitors to this site haven’t been able to leave comments. Not a very social thing to have happening in this age of mass, easy communication. Needless to say,  I’d love to hear from you – about Yesterday’s Dead, about your family stories of Spanish Influenza, about how technology trips you up.

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