Monthly Archives: May 2012


Book launched!


The cookies were eaten, the speech was said, the books were sold. I was completely suprised to  enjoy the official launch of Yesterday’s Dead as much as I did, but it was fantastic to celebrate Yesterday’s Dead with my family as well as friends, neighbours and colleagues from many of my pasts. II didn’t spend enough time with anyone, and the evening was a blur, but it was wonderful to receive so many good wishes on the publication of this first novel.

Peter Carver and me at TYPE Books, Toronto.

Here’s my favourite photo from the the evening. It’s me with Peter Carver, long time teacher of the Writing for Children classes offered through George Brown College, who started me off on this path. What I think is remarkable, though, is the community of writers that Peter created. I’m privileged to have been one of that group.


Thinking about how math landed me here


Today is the calm day – the thanks are written, the cookies are baked, the passage I want to read is chosen – before the fun of tomorrow’s launch for Yesterday’s Dead at TYPE Books in Toronto, Ontario. I’m excited to have so many people excited for me, and looking forward to bringing together people from many of my pasts to help celebrate.

My career path to writing started out in mathematics, and there’s a problem solving aspect to writing fiction that is often exciting (to the mathematician in me) but just as often is frustrating (to the writer in me groping for how to portray an action, a reaction, an emotion.) Many of the mathematical people I know are excellent at so many creative pursuits like music, art, and writing, and it reminds me that some of the greatest thinkers and creators in the history of the world were also outstanding mathematicians – Galileo,  Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Christopher Wren, Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll), among others. 

I’m going to celebrate my inner mathematician today, and let her help me think and create my way through a plot problem in the book I’m currently working on. Galileo, Leonardo, Christopher and Charles would no doubt approve.